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CALDANI, Leopoldo Marco Antonio (1725-1813) - Floriano CALDANI (1772-1836) - Icones anatomicae (5 volumi di tavole che comprendono vol. 1, vol. 2 parte I e parte II, vol. 3 parte I e parte II); Iconum anatomicarum explicatio (3 volumi di testo su 5 che comprendono: parte 1 sectio I, parte 2 sectio II e parte 3 sectio II). Venice: Giuseppe Picotti, 1801-14. First edition of the largest collection of engraved reproductions published in the history of anatomy. A pupil of Morgagni, Leopoldo Caldani succeeded his professor in the chair of anatomy at Padua, where he was already professor of theoretical medicine. In his later years he was assisted in the publication of his anatomical works by his nephew, Floriano Caldani, also a professor at Padua. Both uncle and nephew did original anatomical work, and according to Choulant-Frank, the Icones Anatomicae contains some original preparations by Floriano, drawn and engraved by Cajetano Bosa. However, for the most part these four large folio volumes of copperplate engravings by Ferdinando de Martiis, Francesco dal Pedro, Pietro Zuliani, Giovanni Battista Torcellano de Murano, Perini, and Butafoco, are the largest collection of engraved reproductions that were ever published in the history of anatomy. "For example, the representations of bones and muscles follow Albinus, the teeth and sexual organs are after John Hunter, the lymphatics after Mascagni, and the pregnant uterus and embryos after William Hunter and Soemmerring. Among the other major anatomists represented are Monro, Scarpa, Cruikshank, Ruysch, Loder, Cotugno, Haller, Sandifort, Santorini, and Camper." (Heirs of Hippocrates 962). The title-page for volume one - a very early example of lithography used for book illustration - includes a landscape with the flaying and opening of a cadaver. It took over thirteen years and undoubtedly enormous expense to engrave and print these huge volumes. 8 volumes, elephant folio and 4to. (510 x 713mm e 344 x 248mm). Half-titles to atlas vols, engraved frontispiece with an anatomical dissection, engraved portraits of the authors on first title and 465 engraved plates (occasional tears mainly withouth loss, light browning and spotting, plates LX and CXII detached, plate CCXXI and CCLXII lightly creased, vol. 3 part I with waterstaing to bottom margin sometimes touching plates). Atlas with 4 vols in contemporary half calf and vol. 1 in full calf; text vols in contemporary half calf, gilt spines (some wear, rubbing and chipping). SBN calls for 470 plates but in many copies on the market there are just 461 plates. Heirs of Hippocrates No. 962; Choulant-Frank, pp. 327-328; Wellcome II, p. 287

Auction: 21 November 2017 at 15:00

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