Modern and Contemporary Art

Via Pontaccio, 12 Milan

Auction : 18, 19 December 2018

Viewing: 14, 15, 16 December 2018 (10 am/1 pm-2.30/6.30 pm)

Il Ponte Auction House is pleased to present its autumn auction of Modern and Contemporary Art, a very must-go-to event.

The sale will offer a rich and diversified selection of Italian and international artists, such as Lucio Fontana, Fausto Melotti, Enrico Castellani, Francesco Lo Savio, Alighiero Boetti, Irma Blank, Piero Manzoni, Tancredi, Mario Deluigi, Antonio Calderara, Giorgio de Chirico, Mario Sironi, Fortunato Depero, Cagnaccio di San Pietro, Baldessari, Mino Rosso, Mimmo Rotella, Gianfranco Baruchello, Valerio Adami, Getulio Alviani, Mario Nigro.

Among the most important international artists, noteworthy are Cy Twombly, Christo, Sol LeWitt, Jannis Kounellis, Hans Hartung, Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, Henry Moore, Asger Jorn, Gerhard Hoehme, Toshimitsu Imai, Zadkine and Salvador Dalì.

Among the highlights of the early 20th-century Italian painting, we are delighted to mention de Chirico's masterpiece: “Pericle”. It is a very rare work painted in 1925, coming from remarkable provenances: starting with Léonce Rosenberg in 1927, then acquired by Valentine Dudensing in partnership with Pierre Matisse in 1928 and turning up in the 70s at the Galleria Levi in Milan; and "Ritratto", an important work by Sironi, painted at the beginning of the 30s; a refined oil painting by Paresce of the Paris period and a portrait by Cagnaccio di San Pietro, a perfect example of his Realismo Magico (Magic Realism).

Three oil paintings by Calderara of absolute purity and quality are emblematic of his painting evolution.

Futurism is represented by the powerful composition by Baldessari painted in 1918 ca. and "Elementi in volo", a wonderful Futurist bronze by Mino Rosso inspired by Boccioni.

Among the masterpieces of informal painting, the beautiful Grattage rosso by Deluigi, a work that was exhibited at the International Biennale Exhibition of Venice in 1965. Two important works by Scanavino, cm 150x150.

Standing out above the others, "Cristo" and "Deposizione" by Fontana, two glazed ceramics, dramatic and exciting works worthy of a museum.

To be mentioned is a “Studio per il 'Caffè Greco' (con G. D'Annunzio)” by Guttuso, a study for the “Caffè Greco” that is in the permanent collection of the Museum Ludwig, Koln.

By Piero Manzoni, a selected group of very significant works that testify to the importance of the artist as the precursor of artistic movements such as Body Art and Conceptual Art.

Included in the catalogue is a set of works from the Arte povera movement with an important iron by Kounellis, representative of his work for the Naples Subway; along with works by Merz, Boetti and Pistoletto.

Collectors of Nouveau Réalisme will have an interesting selection of works: three historical sculptures by Arman, Abu Dhabi Mastaba” by Christo, dated 1979, and pieces by Hains and César.

A separate sub-section is dedicated to a collection of 8 ceramics by Pablo Picasso , including the “Vase deux anses hautes (the Queen)”.

As with every art auction, sculpture occupies a prominent part in the catalogue, with works by Henry MooreReclining figure", a brass by Fausto Melotti, a bronze by Ossip Zadkine, "Piccolo giocoliere" dated 1957, a bronze by Marino Marini from 1953, and Arnaldo and Gio Pomodoro will be represented by two elegant sculptures. Another work to highlight is "L'uomo nello spazio" the large, amazing aluminum sculpture executed in 1954 by Carmelo Cappello and exhibited at the Milan Triennial that same year and five years later at the V Biennale Sculpture Exhibition held at Middelheim Museum in Antwerp: a museum-class work indeed.

Lastly, it is impossible not to mention a rare decoupage by Pablo Picasso dated 1958 and a precious work by Cy Twombly executed in 1961, never before on the market and coming from an important Italian collection.

The auction will continue on the 19th with a second session of Italian and international artists. Including a number of works among which a bas-relief by Arnaldo Pomodoro, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Mario Negri Institute of Pharmacological Research IRCCS.