Auction 442 / Lot n° 46

Alexandra Wassiljewna Stchekotichina-Potozkaja

 (  Aleksandrovsk   1892  -  Leningrado   1967  )

"Banchetto di nozze" Polychrome porcelain plate hand decorated with pure gold representing a scene of a wedding banquet and inscriptions evoking the vices and virtues. Ascribable to the state propaganda project called "Agitfarfor" (agitation porcelain). Manufacture of di Stato di Pietrogrado (poi Leningrado), Petrograd U.R.S.S. 1921. Marked and signed on the verso with the monogram of the Petrograd manufacture in green, the symbol of the sickle and hammer, the rising sun, the date 1921 and the signature of the decorator. A similar example is exhibited at the Hermitage of St. Petersburg, in the "Museum of the Imperial Porcelain Factory" section, Collection "Soviet Porcelain". (41x29 cm.) (defects) Provenance Private collection, Italy Literature About the author: Носкович В. С. Александра Васильевна Щекатихина-Потоцкая. Л. 1959. Андреева Л. В. Советский фарфор. 1920–1930. М. 1975. С. 83–98. Александра Щекатихина-Потоцкая. Каталог выставки. СПб, 2009. Еремеева Е. А. Фарфор в творчестве Щекатихиной-Потоцкой // Официальный сайт музея-заповедника «Царское село» Exposition Alexandra Stchekotikhina / Peinture, aquarelles, fusains et porcelaines an premier étage de la Galerie E. Druet. Paris, 1926.

Auction: 20 December 2018 at 15:00

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