Il Ponte Casa d'Aste will open its Autumn season on September 22nd with the Books and Manuscripts sale and a catalogue full of important volumes on science, medicine, exploration and travel.

In the wake of the exceptional results achieved in the last January sale, a major core will be dedicated to atlases, among which we wish to highlight Vincenzo Coronelli's Atlante Veneto dated 1690 (€ 15,000-25,000) and Antonio Zatta's Atlante Novissimo, one of the most elegant and exhaustive printed in Italy in the eighteenth century (€ 10,000-15,000).

These are flanked by Atlas Mattus sive geographicae totius orbis faciem by Georg Matthaus Seutter (€ 7,000-10,000), Atlas Novus Terrarum Orbis Imperia by Johann Baptist Homann (€ 3,000-5,000) and a rare map of America by Nicolas De Fer from 1703, also known as the beaver map because of the vignettes depicting them at the Niagara Falls (€ 6,000-9,000).

Venice in 18th century attire is the protagonist in the 38 magnificent views by Giovanni Antonio Canal, known as Canaletto (€ 12,000-18,000), which accompany the reader on a magical tour from Rialto to San Marco, and is also portrayed in Le fabriche e vedute di Venezia by Luca Carlevariis(€ 12,000-18,000).

Among the scientific volumes: the first edition of one of the most important technological treatises of 1588 by Agostino Ramelli (€ 6,000-9,000), the treatise on molluscs, crustaceans and shells by Ulisse Aldovrandi, (€ 1,500-2,500) and a compendium of splendidly engraved copper plates, which illustrate in detail a great variety of "marine inhabitants" by Georg Eberhard Rumpf (€ 1,000-1,500). In the section dedicated to medicine, the first Italian edition of the Anatomy of the human body by Juan De Valverde (€ 2,500-3,500), the De conceptu et generatione hominis, 16th century obstetrics manual by doctor Jacob Zueff (€ 600-900) and the Sacred embryology of Francesco-Emanuele Cangiamila (€ 200-300) which describes the caesarean section for the first time.

The catalogue also features various volumes of militaria: Du fait de guerre et fleur de cheualerie, quatre liures, a rare edition with detailed xylographies by Renato Flavio Vegezio (€ 2,000-3,000) and De re military libris XII dedicated to the war machines of Roberto Valturio (€ 2,000-3,000).

Among the litterary classiscs, the editio princeps of the Anthologia Graeca Planudea published by Janus Lascaris in Florence in 1494: the first work printed in Greek by Lorenzo de Alopa in elegant capital letters only (€ 10,000-15,000). This is accompanied by the best known and most important Danish medieval literary work Danorum regnum heromque historiae, by Grammatico Sassone (€ 4,000-6,000), and the De originis et gestis Regnum Longobardorum by Paolo Diacono on the history and customs of the Lombards (€ 2500-3500).

I Promessi Sposi by Alessandro Manzoni in its first edition is offered for auction, the "Ventisettana", released in 1827 (€ 800-1,200) and in the best known final version of 1840. The collection of orders, notices and indications issued by Cardinal Borromeo during the Milanese plague (€ 300-400) and the book by Marcello Squarcialupi on the remedies to be adopted in case of contagion, published for the first time in 1565 and re-edited in 1630, the year of the epidemic peak. The Manifesto, a highly topical subject, printed to promote a fundraiser for wounded soldiers and patients with the Spanish flu at the end of the First World War (€ 80-120).

The first original edition of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, published in installments in the three volumes of Il Giornale per bambini between 1881 and 1883, is also fascinating. The famous story was so successful that later, in 1883, it was printed in book form ( € 3,000-5,000).

The artist's books are ever present: two very rare books by Fortunato Depero, 96 tavole a colori per i dopolavoro aziendali in Italia (€ 1,000-1,500) and A Passo Romano.  Lirismo fascista e guerriero, programmatico e costruttivo  of 1943 (€ 1,000-1,500), an extremely rare work and difficult to find on the market because the artist having repented of the violent and extremely politically partisan content, tried to destroy the largest number of copies possible; by Bruno Munari Les fourchettes de Munari - Munari's Forks – Le forchette di Munari (€ 500-800), a playful work offered in its first edition of 1958.