Leader in the sector and strong of an increasingly international clientele, the Jewelry Department boasts a history of important contributions and auction successes.

Diamonds of important carats, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and natural pearls: each jewel is valued by a team of certified gemologists and experts in the history of jewelry. The departmental objective remains quality and attention to the customer, also through the accurate sharing of advanced condition reports that guarantee increasingly targeted purchases.


With a record exceeding € 5,4 million, the Jewellery department obtains a 203% revaluation on estimates and a total of 93% lots sold.

From the first to the last lot, an escalation reaching its peak in the outstanding result of the session dedicated to the Agrati Collection, which tripled its starting values. 
The extensive participation of an international public and the impressively active bidding confirm to the success of an extraordinary auction  in terms of content and results. Worth mentioning are the two historical Bulgari jewellery sets (lot 608, € 378,000/ lot 605, € 302,400)  and the ct 30 ca. fancy yellow brown diamond (lot 619, € 327,600).
Considerable was also the interest for all the pieces signed MarinaB, as shown by the excellent result of the ct. 55 circa triangular diamond yellow gold choker (lot 618, € 151,200).
The sphere of precious stones also broadens the range of important awards, with the octagonal ct. 11.70 emerald (lot 617, € 113,400), the oval ct. 2.50 ca. Kashmir sapphire (lot 589, € 75,600) and the cushion cut ct. 11.74 diamond (lot 606, € 88,200).
Finally, the Deco brooch signed by master Leopoldo Janesich (lot 609, € 63.000) stands out along with many other sought-after early 20th century jewellery pieces.


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