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Auction Results | Press Release | Published on 30/05/2022

To crown an exceptional auction week was the sale of the 16.44-carat drop diamond

for € 1,187,500.00 which, with this memorable result, marks a new historic milestone for Il Ponte Auction House, confirming also the leading role of the jewelry department in the sector. "Thanks to this important award, our international ranking is consolidated. Like the big majors, the department is now a reference point also for precious jewels that reach enviable prices. This is a confirmation towards the consignors who entrust us with increasingly precious goods", Luca Ghirondi, head of the department, claims satisfied. With a total turnover of € 2.6 million, 176% revaluation of estimates, and 84% of lots sold, the sale has stood out for the many international bidders both online and by phone - New York, London, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Paris, Hong Kong, just to mention some of the main costumers’provenances. A result that confirms a catalogue proposal capable of capturing the attention of an increasingly global audience.

Lot 591 Pear-shaped ct. 16.44 diamond yellow gold ring
further accented with fancy cut and baguette diamonds on the stem,
white gold adaptor, g 15.81 circa size 12/52.
Appended diamond report GIA n. 1226317858 2/03/2022, New York
Appended diamond report CISGEM n. 22102IIA 14/4/22, Milano
Sold: € 1.187.500

Lot 587 Round brilliant cut ct. 10.87 and ct. 10.95 diamond
white gold brooch with original silver and gold earring setting, original
Bajoni & Franzini Milano box, in all g 23.00 circa, length cm 5.20 circa.
Appended diamond report CISGEM n. 22057IAA 11/04/2022, Milano
Appended diamond report CISGEM n. 22058IAA 11/04/2022, Milano
Sold: € 237,500 

Lot 585 Round brilliant cut ct. 3.01 diamond.
Appended diamond report CISGEM n. 22014IAAB 7/04/2022, Milano
Sold: € 50,000 

A diamond's cascade that opened an inexhaustible bid competition, where the broche in white gold with two round brilliant cut diamonds of ct. 10.87 and ct. 10.95 (lot 587, sold € 237.500) and two round brilliant diamonds of ct. 3.01 and ct. 3.31 (lots 585 and 576, both sold for € 50,000) stand out among the most relevant adjudications. Among the top lots, are worthily mentioned the yellow gold ring with a cushion ruby of ct. 4.98 (lot 589, sold € 225,000) and the earrings in white gold with two large natural saltwater pearls of approximately 14.05 mm (lot 512, sold € 62,500).

Lot 589 Cushion cut ct. 4.98 ruby yellow gold ring accented
with lateral round diamonds, g 8.47 circa.
Appended gemmological report SSEF n. 120636 31/01/2022, Basel
Sold: € 225,000

Lot 512 Large button shaped natural saltwater pearl white gold earclips,
pearl diam. mm 14.05 circa, g 11.25 circa, length cm 1.60 circa.
Appended gemmological report CISGEM n. 22060 11/04/2022, Milano
Sold: € 62,500