Vintage Fashion

The choice of owning an accessory or a retro-garment triggers a creative stimulus that goes beyond the concept of a luxury brand, leaving room for curiosity and for the historical complexity of the garment, as well as for the quest of new harmonious combinations.


The first first Italian auction house to approach this sector and very successfully with the sale dedicated to Evelina Levi Broglio's wardrobe which remains memorable for the record results of the 22 Hermès Kelly bags and the Roberto Capucci dresses. The last Vintage fashion auction of 2020 was also very rewarding with the sale of a Hermès scarf collection featuring some specimen from 1950, thus reconfirming the timeless charm evoked by this refined accessory.


Gucci, Hermès, Pucci, Chanel just to mention a few of the Brands, show the department's ability to catch these external impulses, by presenting a catalogue characterized by quality materials and refined designs in various shapes and patterns.

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Auction: 18 April 2024

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