The defense of nature and the celebration of its immensity, play a central role in the shots offered at auction on 22 July at Palazzo Crivelli.

Peter Beard is the protagonist of the sale with a unique piece, "Orey-eyed Lion, Gorongosa Portuguese East Africa 1955 1955/2003",  a color photograph with ink inscriptions, framed by more than one hundred images including photographs and cutouts from magazines (estimate € 40,000-70,000). Alongside these we find, next to the hunting scenes and lions in the wild, shots of the statuesque model Iman, who he discovered, and of Karen Blixen to whom Beard was linked by deep friendship. A convinced animalist, an icon of New York's  jet set but just as much  at ease among the ranches of the African savannah, Beard was constantly busy denouncing the atrocious exterminations carried out by hunters thanks to an incessant documentation made of diaries, bone findings and photographs.

Axel Hutte, pupil of Bernd Becher at the Dusseldorf school, is present in the catalogue with "Folgefonnbreen from the series 'NORTH / SOUTH' 2000" an imposing pristine glacier in which the border between heaven and earth is barely discernible and our gaze is lost in a primordial infinity (estimate € 7,000-10,000). By Xavier Veilhan, French representative at the 2017 Venice Biennale, "Moteur 1996" polymaterial work composed of a color photograph and a shaped polyester structure (estimate € 4,000-5,000).

Survey of the human body and its interaction with the space that surrounds it characterise all Francesca Woodman's production, at auction with "It must be time for lunch now, New York 1979" (estimate € 4,000-5,000). The body returns in Joel Peter Witkin's anatomical studies as "Woman once a bird 1990" (estimate € 900-1,200) which recalls the famous "Le Violon d'Ingres" by Man Ray; in a shot by Ernest James Bellocq printed by Lee Freelander, "Storyville portrait, New Orleans 1911-1913" image taken from photographic plates found in a Louisiana brothel (estimate € 900-1,300); in "Nuba 1963" by Leni Riefenstahl (estimate € 900-1,300). The sale includes works by French artists such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau e William Klein.

The fascination of imperfection is found in Miroslav Tichy, the Yugoslav street photographer appreciated for his poetic shots obtained surreptitiously from female subjects, such as "Girls 1970 ca." (estimate € 450-550) and "La corsa 1970 ca." (estimate € 450-550). The elegant voyerism that distinguishes his production, the delicacy of the images and the error in the detail, are unique traits due to the use of ready-made cameras assembled by himself by using boxes, bottoms of bottles, ropes and pieces of various origin and composition.

The futurist Ernesto Thayaht, one of the first performers in history, is in the catalogue with "Victory in the Air" 1930 ca. (estimate € 2,500-3,000), a collage consisting of three photographic prints assembled in succession with the aim of returning the three-dimensionality to the sculpture portrayed, in the wake of the observations made by Medardo Rosso and Constantin Brancusi on the relationship between two-dimensionsionality and the third dimension.

Among the inevitable Italian names: Mario Giacomelli with "I have no hands that caress my face, from the" Pretini "series (estimate € 2,800-3,300), Luigi Ghirri with" Kodachrome "1970/78 1973 (estimate € 4,000-6,000), Mimmo Jodice and Franco Fontana.

From the 80s and 90s a selection of works belonging to the collection of the famous artistic director and fashion show director Nando Miglio. The typical subtlety of Albert Watson's portraits captures the face of a very young Claudia Schiffer in the shadows and with a sophisticated play of references immortalizes her charm in a rear-view mirror (estimate € 600-1,200). Two large-format photographs of Jerry Hall from 1979 (estimate € 1,000-1,500), specimens of his works (estimate € 1,000-1,500) and a postcard dedicated to Miglio are proposed by Irving Penn. The auction also features witty and colorful shots by Lord Snowdon, husband to Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth's sister, known to the general public thanks to the television series The Crown (Netflix) (estimate € 150-250 each).

To complete the section, Cheryl Koralik's shots, unique works set in a suspended time embellished with retouches of colour and watercolours  (estimate € 300-600 each) and a hypnotic portrait of Jelly Haley by Oliviero Toscani (estimate € 500-700) .

Lastly, the section dedicated to the 19th century is represented by one of the fathers of  war reportage Roger Fenton, with a portrait of the French marshal Patrice de Mac-Mahon during the Crimean war (estimate € 1,600-2,200), and several vintage photographs  which capture the glitz of the Indian Maharajas.