Breaking news for the 2nd semester of 2020: the opening of the new Department dedicated to collectible Wines and Spirits, a sector that is currently experiencing a moment of great interest, both for the investment opportunities it offers and for the vivacity of the market, in Italy and abroad.

Our experts will propose a careful selection of lots  paying close attention to the origin and quality of the deliveries. Thus, the objective is to become a point of reference for all those who experience collecting with passion, always seeking those feelings that only a few and rare bottles can give back.

In the selection process, great emphasis will be given to the geographical areas and the most valued denominations, such as Super Tuscans, Bordeaux, Burgundy and certainly the great Champagne maisons. Furthermore, to grab a "sensorial" collecting, Il Ponte aims to select single bottles or entire collections able to provide the audience with unique tasting experiences.