Old Master Paintings

Historical department of the auction house, rich in history and tradition, the field dedicated to Old Master Paintings has become in the years a stable reference point in the market.
The period of reference looks at the rich Italian and European artistic panorama between the 14th and the 18th century, and entails the study of works by renowned masters and important regional schools. The regard and trust gained in time are the outcome of the authority of the experts and their ability of making use also of the advice of professionals in the field.

At Palazzo Crivelli we're getting into the heart of the auction season with the Furniture and Old Master Paintings Sale, which concluded with a turnover of over €2 million, 80% of lots sold and a 162% increase in value from the starting estimates.

Among the notes evoked by the painting "Concerto all'aperto", attributed to a Flemish artist from the 17th century (€ 163.800), marked an exciting crescendo. The artwork "Le tre età”, attributed to the circle of Diego Velazquez, Spain, 17th century (€ 63.000);  the “Scena allegorica” by Amico Aspertini (€ 50.400), celebrating the Italian painting of the 15th century; the small copper  board  depicting  the  "Sacra Famiglia  con  San  Giovannino"  from  the  18th-century Emilian  school (€ 100.800); the two “caravaggeschi” paintings "Suonatore di Liuto" by Nicolas Régnier (€ 41.580) and "Ritratto di uno Statholder" by Gerard van Honthorst, known as Gherardo delle Notti (€ 37.800), are the epitome of an execution quality that continues to captivate collectors.

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