19th and 20th century Paintings and Sculptures

A 19th century "to be rediscovered" was the aim and the proposal that animated the latest auctions of the Department.


Works previously unknown by the market as well as authentic rediscoveries are the guidelines of the catalogues of the 19th and 20th century Paintings and Sculptures Department.
The 19th and 20th century Paintings and Sculptures department stood out thanks to the sale of relevant properties, such as the historical nucleus of the Bernasconi Collection, whose works, of significant artistic value, enriched the most recent catalogues, leading the department to a record turnover of over € 2.5 million. Many offers came from abroad, showing how the department's proposal has strong international connotations.

The works proposed by the department of 19th and 20th century Paintings and Sculptures in their catalogue was much appreciated, as confirmed by the results of the sale with a turnover of € 490,000, 80% of lots sold and a 141%  revaluation on the starting estimates.


The Divisionists were the undisputed protagonists: "Mattino. Primavera"  by Emilio Longoni dated 1899 fetched € 63,000, while Angelo Morbelli's unpublished "Angolo di Giardino" of 1909 fetched €47,880.


Silvio Bicchi's crowded and sensual Parisian "Tabarin" seduces the public of collectors (€ 18,900) as well as the iconic "Marina" by Pompeo Mariani dated 1915 (€ 17,640).


Worth mentioning among the paintings of the first half of the 20th century is the monumental work "Contadini" by Cesare Maggi of 1939 (€ 25,200) whereas among the proposals of authors to be rediscovered, Annibale Scaroni had a grand debut with his sophisticated female portraits.


The reliable and timeless names of Mosè Bianchi, Giuseppe Palizzi and Eugenio Spreafico remain as authors dearest to collectors.


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