19th and 20th century Paintings and Sculptures

A 19th century "to be rediscovered" was the aim and the proposal that animated the latest auctions of the Department.
Works previously unknown by the market as well as authentic rediscoveries are the guidelines of the catalogues of the 19th and 20th century Paintings and Sculptures Department.
The 19th and 20th century Paintings and Sculptures department stood out thanks to the sale of relevant properties, such as the historical nucleus of the Bernasconi Collection, whose works, of significant artistic value, enriched the most recent catalogues, leading the department to a record turnover of over € 2.5 million. Many offers came from abroad, showing how the department's proposal has strong international connotations.

The spotlights of Palazzo Crivelli let the more than 150 works of the 19th century department shine, which ends the auction in the second half of 2022 with 84% of lots sold and 130% of revaluation of the starting estimates. It could only be the star of 19th-century Romanticism, Francesco Hayez, who conquered the podium of the awards with the symbolic work of the Italian Risorgimento "Il Bacio" (sold € 16,250), proposed here in an original reinterpretation in watercolor from small size.
An exhibition capable of retracing all the genres and atmospheres most loved by the painters of the time, where other important names also emerged such as that of the Veronese Angelo Dall'Oca Bianca with the work "Il pastore e le sue pecorelle" (sold € 13,750) and by the Russian artist Gregorio Sciltian, whose "Composizione con melograni e banana" (sold € 10,000) also takes the form of a period subject to great fascination for the Italian pictorial tradition.

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