The field of 19th and 20th Century Paintings and Sculptures has distinguished itself in the last years for the accurate catalogue presentation of a 19th century characterized by long ignored names and international presences.

The department closed 2020 with € 1.5 million total turnover, evidence of a selection of high quality works and varied in genre, able to attract a new generation of enthusiasts and an audience that crosses national borders. Among the most remarkable awards of the past year, we find “Femme à l’ombrelle (L’ombrellino a pois)” by Federico Zandomeneghi sold for € 137,500, and Albert Anker with the 1885 “Ritratto di bimba (Noémi Soutter)” from 1885 sold for € 93,750.


Discoveries and results that revitalize the market in the XIX and XX Century Paintings and Sculptures auction at IlPonte

A strong message emerges from the 19th and 20th Century Paintings and Sculptures auction results, which ended with more than € 1.2 MLN total sold, 75% of sold lots and +235% sold by value. 

Matteo Gardonio, Head of the Department, was rightly enthusiastic: "At the base of the success, the important research and selection were fundamental to present in the catalogue unpublished works of remarkable quality, coming from important collections, such as the very famous Bernasconi Collection, which, after more than thirty years of absence from the market sales, is able to register 100% of sold lots". 

Many were the proposals that contributed in attracting the attention of collectors from all over the world, bringing together thousands of digital readings and almost 200.000 visits to the site since the publication of the online catalogue. First place went to the Russian artist Filipp Andreevic Maljavin, whose work had been wrongly attributed to an Italian artist for years and which was sold for € 100.000 (lot 604). The rediscovered work by master Francesco Hayez was among the auction top lots at € 56.250 (lot 602), followed by the beautiful homage to the city of Milan signed by Angelo Inganni (lot 603, sold € 45.000).

The heart of the auction was the Italian 19th century from the above-mentioned Bernasconi Collection, whose best awards were referred to Francesco Paolo Michetti (lot 627, sold € 62.500), Ettore Tito (lot 633, sold € 75.000) and the works by Mosè Bianchi, among which the suggestive "L'arrivo della tempesta" (lot 632, sold € 41.250). 

Noteworthy are also the results referred to the early 20th century, among which the "Autoritratto" by the young Achille Funi (lot 587, sold at € 22.500), a portrait by Afro (lot 588, sold at € 25.000) and the several suggestive landscapes by Luigi Zago, an artist rediscovered by the public and the critics.


Video Preview |  19th and 20th Century Paintings and Sculptures Auction, 16 June 2021

A preview by Matteo Gardonio, Head of Department of the 19th and 20th Century Paintings and Sculptures, presenting the intriguing proposals from the catalogue of the upcoming sale of 16 June 2021.