19th and 20th century Paintings and Sculptures

A nineteenth-century to "rediscover" was the aim and the proposal that animated the 2021 auction semesters.
A year marked by important contributions, first of which the historical nucleus of the Bernasconi Collection, whose works, of significant artistic value, enriched the catalogue of the two sessions, leading the department to a record turnover of over € 2.5 million. Many offers came from abroad, which shows how the department's proposal has strong international connotations.

In anticipation of the June 2022 appointment, the experts are preparing the catalogue whose selection is focused on key authors, the concept of rediscovery and a renewed valorisation. Highlight in the catalogue is Giosuè Argenti (1819-1901). His magnificent marble sculpture dated 1865 represents Erminia, as described in Torquato Tasso's Gerusalemme liberata, while she's writing the name of her beloved Tancredi on the bark of the trees, thinking back to her unhappy love, she "streaked her cheeks with beautiful tears". Besides this, there is a v, tracing out new paths for the market, original inspirations for collectors who are new to this artistic period or wish to vary their collection in favour of unexplored but no less fascinating and worthy figurative art.

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