Auction Results
19th and 20th C. Paintings and Sculptures

Auction Results | Press Release | Published on 23/06/2022

With both sales of 19th and 20th century Paintings and Sculptures and Watches, we have closed an important week which concludes our auctions' semester.

Both departments have collected the results of an arduous path to positioning in the market, recording excellent awards and a significant increase in bidders participation from abroad, a sign of a quality proposal with a strong international appeal.

Auction of 19th and 20th Century Paintings and Sculptures on June 21th 2022

Lot 195 Filippo Palizzi 
"Capre in pastura" 1866 oil on canvas (cm 76,5x111)
Sold: € 27,500

Lot 139 Pompeo Mariani 
"Trente et quarante", oil on canvas (cm 47x70)
Sold: € 23,750


Lot 189 Giovanni Boldini,
"Cortile rustico", oil on canvas (cm 17,5x27)
Sold: € 22,500

Auction of Watches on June 22nd 2022

Lot 384 Rolex, Yacht Master Ref. 16628
Gent's 18K gold wristwatch Year 1998
Sold: € 21,250

Lot 377 Franck Muller, Endurance Ref. 100.188.00RMMYR
Gent's steel wristwatch 1990s

Sold: € 12,500