Auction Preview
Important Jewels

Auction Preview | Press Release | Published on 29/04/2022

At Il Ponte Auction House a selection of highly finest jewelry for the auction held on 26, 27 May 2022.

Important jewels because of exceptional preciousness, first of all, the extraordinary pear-shaped diamond of ct. 16.44: a unique example for purity and colour (lot 591, estimate € 700,000 - 1,200,000). Indeed, to constitute the first significant nucleus of the catalogue are the diamonds, enhanced by meticulous frames, as well represented by the brooch in white gold with two round brilliant-cut diamonds respectively of ct. 10.87 etc. 10.95 (lot 587, estimate € 90,000 - 140,000), and also in the splendid necklace composed of round, baguette, and carré diamonds, for a total of 32 ct. approximately (lot 590, estimate € 42,000 - 48,000).

Lot 591 Pear-shaped ct. 16.44 diamond yellow gold ring further accented
with fancy cut and baguette diamonds on the stem, white gold adaptor, g 15.81 circa size 12/52.
Appended diamond report GIA n. 1226317858 2/03/2022, New York
Appended diamond report CISGEM n. 22102IIA 14/4/22, Milano
Estimate € 700,000 - 1,200,000

Lot 587 Round brilliant cut ct. 10.87 and ct. 10.95 diamond white gold brooch
with original silver and gold earring setting,
original Bajoni & Franzini Milano box, in all g 23.00 circa, length cm 5.20 circa.
Appended diamond report CISGEM n. 22057IAA 11/04/2022, Milano
Appended diamond report CISGEM n. 22058IAA 11/04/2022, Milano
Estimate € 90,000 - 140,000

Lot 590 Round, baguette and carré diamond platinum necklace,
diamonds in all ct. 32 circa, g 75.25 circa, length cm 43 circa.
Estimate € 42,000 - 48,000

The precious stones section continues with other gems of bright shades: a Burmese ruby of ct. 4.98 (lot 589, estimate € 60,000 - 90,000), an octagonal emerald of ct. 5.20 circa (lot 588, estimate € 65,000 - 85,000) and five cushion-cut slightly graduated sapphires in all ct. 17.30 circa, inserted in the elegant 1920s Liberty's bracelet, open-worked with a pavé approximately of 19 ct. diamonds (lot 584, estimate € 46,000 - 52,000).

Lot 589 Cushion cut ct. 4.98 ruby yellow gold ring accented with lateral round diamonds, g 8.47 circa.
Appended gemmological report SSEF n. 120636 31/01/2022, Basel
Estimate € 60,000 - 90,000

Lot 588 Octagonal ct. 5.20 circa emerald and diamond platinum ring, g 6.34 circa size 12/52.
Appended gemmological report SSEF n. 120635 31/01/2022, Basel
Estimate € 65,000 - 85,000

Lot 584 Platinum diamond openwork bracelet with five cushion-cut
slightly graduated sapphires in all ct. 17.30 circa,
diamonds in all ct. 19.00 circa, g 44.12 circa, length cm 18.50 circa. French import marks.
Appended gemmological report CISGEM n. 22065 13/04/2022, Milano
Estimate € 46,000 - 52,000

A large space is dedicated to the goldsmith art between the 19th and 20th centuries, through other testimonies of the excellent manufacture, such as the necklace in yellow chiseled gold, pearl, blue enamel, and diamonds, which belonged to a noble Piedmontese family and was redesigned to become an explicit homage to the Royal House, thanks to the inclusion of Savoy nodes (lot 522, estimate € 3,300 - 3,800). Another splendid example of the Italian artistic excellence is the vanity case in gold yellow and ivory, with lapis lazuli and diamonds at the sides, signed by the Trieste master Giovanni Janesich and made during his Parisian period on the occasion of the 1925 Internacional Exposición de Paris (lot 554, estimate € 9,000 - 10,000).

Lot 522 Yellow chiseled gold, half pearl, and blue enamel jewelry set comprising
necklace with central pendant, brooch and pendant earrings all designed with oval elements accented with
Savoia knots and tassels, cm 45 necklace, cm 11.6 brooch and cm 7.7 circa earrings, metal detail, in all g 83.69 circa.
Piedmontese hallmarks. With original case.
Estimate € 3,300 - 3,800

Lot 554 JANESICH Yellow gold ivory vanity case with lapis lazuli sides accented
with platinum and rose cut diamonds, inside marked n° 15231 and n° 1089,
gross g 193.38 circa, length cm 9.00, width cm 5.70 circa.
Signed Janesich, french goldsmith and assay marks.
Estimate € 9,000 - 10,000

The last chapter of the auction proposal is represented by the great jewelry designers in which the French Maisons play aleading role, among them appear Van Cleef & Arpels with numerous pieces, including a bow-shaped brooch accented with etoilé set diamonds (lot 583, estimate € 22,000 - 27,000); Sterlé with a very particular pendant centrepiece accented with a cabochon ruby on a yellow gold necklace (lot 551, estimate € 7,500 - 9,500); Boucheron with a rose-shaped brooch in yellow guilloché enamel, decorated with a pear-shaped diamond (lot 539, estimate € 5.200 – 5.800). In addition to these, there are the timeless creations of Tiffany & Co and the Italians Buccellati and Nardi.

Lot 583 VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Yellow gold and platinum bow-shaped brooch
accented with etoilé set diamonds, g 29.89 circa, length cm 6.60 circa.
Signed Van Cleef & Arpels, n° 64033, french assay and goldsmith marks.
Estimate € 22,000 - 27,000

Lot 551 STERLE' Yellow gold flexible necklace with platinum and diamond
pendants and a cm 5.6 circa gold and platinum brooch/pendant centrepiece
accented with a cabochon ruby and diamonds, g 108.96 circa, length cm 40.00 circa.
Brooch signed on the pin Sterlé Paris, n° 779 A, the necklace n° 502, french assay and goldsmiths marks.
Estimate € 7,500 - 9,500

Lot 539 BOUCHERON Bi-coloured gold rose shaped brooch with baguette
and round diamonds, yellow guillochè enamel flower accented
with a pear shaped diamond, g 37.78 circa, length cm 6.50 circa.
Signed Boucheron Paris, french assay and goldsmith marks.
Estimate € 5,200 - 5,800