Auction Preview

Auction Preview | Press Release | Published on 21/04/2023

In the Stamps auction of 9 May 2023, about two hundred years of history find ample testimony on small and precious pieces of paper.

Travelling far and wide among the most remote continents, even into space, these 365 lots are presented in the catalogue as a curious cross-section of contemporary history.

Representing an exceptional documentation of the conquest and occupation of East Africa by the Italian army is a detailed collection of postcards and photographs never seen before on the market. One after another, the most crucial events of this military campaign stand out, within a dense excursus that goes from about 1911 to 1940, subdivided by themes and enriched by detailed descriptions. From the “Italo-Turkish War” to the “Conquest of Ethiopia”, passing through the propaganda of the army with shots of the “Italica” series by Mario Crimella, to arrive at the end of the occupation in '36 with crude digressions on the “Atrocities of War” and some reportages on the so-called “Sickness of Africa syndrome”(lot 92, € 1,000 - 1,500).

Lot 92
Detailed collection consisting of postcards and photographs of the period, carefully described and divided by subject, relating to the Italian colonies in Africa. The topics covered are, among others: "The Italo-Turkish War", "The conquest of Ethiopia", "Italian military", "Italica" series, photographs by Mario Crimella,"In action on Ethiopia - Aerial War", " The atrocities of the War", "The end of the War 1936", "Symbol photo of the sickness of Africa". 
Estimate € 1,000  - 1,500

Evocative of the annexation of the unredeemed lands, is the section of stamps dedicated to the city of Rijeka, ranging from 3f. lilac “Mietitori” of 1918 printed under the Austro-Hungarian Empire (lot 43, € 500 - 700) to specimens that celebrate the enterprise led by the Vate, Gabriele D'Annunzio, including the rare and provocative 10.c carmine “Legionari” with the wording 'Fiume d'Italia' from 1920, never issued to avoid political complications and then corrected in 'Posta di Fiume' (lot 51, € 200 - 300).

Lot 43
FIUME 1918. "Reapers". 3f.
Violet lilac with hand overprinting of II type, block of 50 copies.
The specimen in pos. 50 show variety not cataloged "FIUML".
Estimate € 500 - 700

Lot 51
FIUME 1920. "Legionnaires".
10c. carmine inscribed "FIUME D'ITALIA" instead of "POSTE DI FIUME".
Copy not issued to avoid political complications.
Estimate € 200 - 300

Impressive testimony of the deep economic crisis that severely hit Germany sanctioned during the Paris Conference of 1919 is the '23 issue of 50 billion marks (lot 109, estimate € 100 - 150).

Lot 109
GERMANY 1923. 50 billion marks blue and pale blue,
zig-zag perf. Cert. D. Weinbuck. Used..........(Mi. 330B, Un. 330).
Estimate € 100 - 150

The now inevitable section dedicated to space closes the catalogue, where among the many unique souvenirs emerges a warm letter sent to the famous Russian astronaut Anatoly Berezovoy to the Soviet space station Salyut-7 in 1982 signed by Sasha, who between updates and words of encouragement writes: <<When your stay in space becomes sad, remember that on Earth we are all waiting for you and thinking of you. Your friends are always with you.>> (lot 124, €700 - 1,000).

Lot 124
RUSSIA 1982 (oct. 3) Salyut-7 - Progress 16 - Astronaut Anatoly Berezovoy.
Letter written in Russian on Earth by Sasha to A. Berezovoy travelled with Progress-16, replied in green on November 22 and returned to Earth on December 10. Blue on board handstamp "Salyut-7". Content translated. Rare Earth-Space-Earth correspondence. Letter..........(Hop. S7-1e).
Estimate € 700 - 1,000